About Us


Quality is our obsession. Our lab searches across the United States to find the best ingredients. With CBD we look at soil conditions, root depth, annual rainfall, sun exposure, and much more. Every little detail matters when you’re making the best hemp extract product on the market.


Nixul brings you the best that nature has to offer. Our products are carefully watched for only the highest standards. Each batch is tested and then retested to make sure there are no errors or any subpar products. We are non-GMO and try to stay as close to nature as we can in our products.


Nixul Fast Release CBD© is a process that our medical team developed to allow our customers the quickest, and most effective CBD products on the market. Most products work within seconds of taking. Not only are Nixul products fast-acting but they are also designed to last too! We dare you to compare.

Designed By Medical Professionals

Our products were designed and are used by health care and medical professionals worldwide

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the taste of a product? Let us know and we will swap it out or replace it for free!

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Our team is here to help with questions! Shoot us a message or drop us a line!